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27, 2013 in New York. Last year, The Village Voice ceased publication of its weekly print edition, a staple among the newspaper boxes offering free publications on the streets of Manhattan, ABC New York affiliate WABC reported. The move was part of an effort to revitalize and revamp the publication to an online audience. Barbey, who purchased the paper in 2015 from the Voice Media Group, described Friday as a “sad day” for The Village Voice and its millions of readers when he made the announcement. The newspaper has faced “increasingly harsh economic realities” in recent times, Barbey said. The Village Voice is on sale at a newsstand on 42nd Street on Aug. 22, 2017 in New York. The paper’s staff is working to ensure that archives will be digitally available. (MORE: Reporter tweets from ‘terrifying’ scene of active shooter at Maryland newspaper) The Voice became the country’s first alternative newsweekly after it was founded in 1955. “As the nation’s first alternative newsweekly, the Voice today carries on the same tradition of no-holds-barred reporting and criticism it embraced when it began publishing 60 years ago,” a description on the paper’s website reads.

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A decades-old newspaper battle rambles on in small-town Pennsylvania

“Come on!” says Joe Nealon, the circulation director of The Citizens’ Voice, when discussing the statistics. “There’s not a paper in America that has four or five readers per copy. The average for the industry for the 30 years I’ve worked in newspapers? Two-point-three, two-point-four. It might have topped out at two-point-five at one point.” Surveys such as those conducted by Scarborough Research aren’t generally considered as accurate as, for instance, the audited circulation reports released by the AAM. That likely has a lot to do with the way the survey results are gathered: Because not every reader of a particular newspaper can possibly be surveyed, Scarborough only phones and surveys a smaller, more reasonable number. The result? It can probably best be described as a guesstimate. “We would prefer to use the numbers that are audited numbers—not survey numbers,” says Citizens’ Leader executive editor Larry Holeva. As it happens, the 2018 first-quarter circulation reports from the AAM do show the Citizens’ Voice holding a 4,721 lead in daily circulation and a 2,436 lead in Sunday circulation over the Times Leader.

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By nightfall, however, they were few and far between in the city center and were not interfering heavily in protesters’ activities. Basra security officials announced a curfew from 10:30 p.m. (1930 GMT) to help quell the protests. A citywide curfew was originally planned for 3 p.m., but was canceled minutes before it was due to come into force. An Iraqi security official in Basra said they were struggling to cope with the demonstrations. “We are still waiting for orders from the state’s highest authorities,” he said. The port of Umm Qasr, the country’s main seaport and its principal lifeline for grain and other commodity imports, closed on Thursday. Port employees said all operations had ceased after protesters began blocking the entrance, which lies about 60 km (37 miles) from Basra, on Wednesday night. Trucks and staff were unable to get in or out of the complex. Smoke rises from the Governorate Council building of Basra, Iraq September 6, 2018. REUTERS/Essam al-Sudani Oil exports, handled at offshore terminals, remained untouched by the unrest. shopping websites shopping online dresses a shopping center near me click this link here now shopping online b&q