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Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes has thrown the NFL for a loop with a record 10 touchdown passes in two games

No part of the field is safe. Coach-turned-broadcaster Rick Neuheisel had Kliff Kingsbury on his Sirius radio show recently, and the Texas Tech coach talked about something that made him rub his eyes in disbelief. “It happened in practice in college,” Neuheisel said, recounting the story. “Patrick threw the ball, after scrambling out of the pocket, 83 yards in the air to a receiver that was coming from the other side, then caught it in the corner of the end zone for a touchdown. Eighty-three yards in the air. “Just planted and whipped it. The only thing missing was Babe the Ox,” he said, referring to Paul Bunyan folklore. Agent Leigh Steinberg, who represents Mahomes, has heard all the stories. He has tried to dial down the excitement so Mahomes can play without all the pressure on his shoulders.

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That’s including four judges who started within the last few months. An additional 10 are expected to be sworn in next week, according to Judge Ashley Tabaddor, who leads the National Assn. of Immigration Judges. “We’re just transparently being used as an extension of the executive branch’s law-enforcement policies, and as a political tool,” she said. U.S. Atty Gen. Jeff Sessions welcomed 44 new judges last week, addressing them at a kickoff for their training with the Executive Office for Immigration Review. He said the administration’s goal is to double the number of judges active when President Trump took office. “As you take on this critically important role, I hope that you will be imaginative and inventive in order to manage a high-volume caseload,” Sessions told them . “I do not apologize for expecting you to perform, at a high level, efficiently and effectively.” There are 351 judges in about 60 courts around the country — up from 273 judges in 2016.

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